Big Sky Rod Co. is a professional rod building organization with a focus on custom crafted fly fishing rods of all types and models. Located in the midst of the Missouri River drainages, Bozeman Montana. In this day and age of “not enough time”, it is critical to make the most of your sacred fishing time and maximize your fishing pleasure. A custom designed fishing rod creates a sense of pride, a feeling of pleasure and a level of performance that cannot be obtained from an off the shelf, store bought rod. Nothing is like a finely crafted custom rod that is built just for you, the way YOU want it.


The Gallatin Valley and Greater Yellowstone areas are experiencing a rising incline in anglers within the fly-fishing industry. As a Bozeman native and active fly fisherman I have encountered many anglers that speak of long warranty wait times and a lack of high quality custom fishing rod manufacturers in the region. We aim to create a community that combines fishing, artistic value, and elegance

Products and Services

Our specialization in exotic thread art, along with multi-color guide wraps, inlays, superb finish and custom handles to your specs, ensures you we’ve got the look and feel you’re after. Where performance meets arts, Big Sky Custom Fly Rods assures its knowledge & experience will land your next fish with finesse and style.